Incoming Students

Campus Life

Please download the following document to learn more about campus life here.

Before travel

Things to be done before coming to USA can be found in this document.

You should fill this form and keep yourself updated with any announcement that ISA has to make for the new students.It is only after filling up this form that your name would appear in the list of new students published on our home page.
The University provides a free shuttle service from Atlanta airport to Auburn for incoming students. This service is only available on few select days. To be able to use this service, make sure your flight to Atlanta reaches on those given dates. If you cannot make it to Atlanta during the dates of the free shuttle, you can avail Express 85 or Groom transportation shuttle service that can cost you upto $40.nnPlease submit this form after you confirm your air tickets. Do not send us any tentative schedules.

After Arrival

Wondering what to do after you have reached Auburn? Let the following document help you.

Tiger Transit

Learn about the University's transporation system for traveling to different places,on-campus in Auburn.

Wire Transfer

Wondering what is the best way to get money transferred from/to India ? Download this document to learn more.

Important Downloads

Download the following documents and follow the instructions mentioned in them as they will make your life easy once you have arrived here.

Getting started at Auburn

Video Tutorials