Diwali 2015


Important Note
Due to the overwhelming number of incoming students to Auburn University and limited availability for temporary accommodation, the Indian Student Association (ISA) has made a decision to prioritize temporary accommodation on the basis of date and time of student registration. This applies to both the existing and future registrations. So, not all who have currently registered with us can get an accommodation. Students who could not get temporary accommodation will be put in on a waiting list and will be given accommodation as and when we have availability. Unfortunately, this means that you will have to find someplace else to stay like a motel, hotel, etc. In spite of this, please be assured that we will provide pick-up and drop-off from AU Hotel to the place you decide to stay upon your arrival. We urge you to register with us as soon as possible so that it will move you closer to the top of the waiting list. We apologize for the inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding as we continue to improve your initial experience at Auburn University. The waiting list is published under the 'Incoming Students' tab.

Click here if you are not going to use Groome Shuttle for your journey from Atlanta to Auburn. This may include using AU Shuttle (the free service provided by University) or some other means of transport. This may also include the case where you are not coming to Auburn via Atlanta.
If you are using Groome Transportation, please continue filling this form.
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Temporary Accommodation
Terms and Conditions
  • An incoming student is given a temporary accommodation at another fellow student’s home, who has been enrolled at the university and has an apartment leased on his/her name.
  • Temporary Accommodation is only provided to Auburn University students and spouse of students newly admitted to the university.
  • For a student to be eligible for Temporary Accommodation Program, he/she must register at least 7 days in advance prior to their arrival in Auburn.
  • Temporary Accommodation is only given for a period of 10 days; within which you are expected to find yourself an apartment. Beyond the 10th day, ISA will help the student move to a nearby hotel/motel at the student’s personal expense.
  • The student is expected to contribute fully in terms of efforts and also monetarily for daily groceries, meals and utilities (water and electricity bills) for full period of their temporary stay.

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Travel To Auburn
Important Note
  • If you are flying from your place to Atlanta Airport and then to Auburn, you will need to book the connecting Groome Shuttle from Atlanta airport to Auburn from this link: Groome Transportation
  • Your destination on the Groome site should be “AU Hotel and Conference Center”, from where an ISA volunteer can pick you up.
  • It costs $39 and takes roughly 1 hour and 45 min to reach AU Hotel and Conference Center.
Groome Shuttle
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