Our Italian Family

This summer has been an experience of a lifetime and I am sad that it is quickly coming to an end. It is not everyday that one is given the chance to go live in a foreign country for three months or to have the opportunity to travel all over Europe on the weekends. For me, summer has been full of art history, Italian culture, and finding inspiration in everything around me. Living in Italy is one of the best things that has ever happened, but having the chance to spend it with this group of girls is the icing on the cake.

From the minute we boarded the plane to this very second I continue to have the honor of learning something new and unique about each and every one of the girls on this trip. It is crazy to think that we can go from being complete strangers living in a palace together to becoming best friends in just a short three months. Not only do I have the honor of getting to know these girls, but I have the best professors and director possible. Cinzia, whom we consider our Italian sister, has truly been a blessing to us and has helped us more then survive our summer here in Italy. Another very important figure this summer is Ms. Linda, who happens to be the foundation of this program and without her and all of her hard work we would not be here experiencing the amazing things that we are experiencing.

With just eight days left I am going to spend it cherishing every second with these beautiful people. When the time comes to say good-bye, memories will be shared, hugs will be given, and tears will be shed. I will never forget this amazing opportunity of a summer abroad with my Italian family.

A Day Spend Enjoying Sandwiches in Rome

A day spent enjoying sandwiches in Rome

Alexandra Wood