‘Roman’ Around Vatican City

Here is a picture of the Last Supper painting in the Vatican Museum.

Photo of the Last Supper tapestry in the Vatican Museum.

Well, spring break has come to an end. We’re back and ready to take on the last 5 weeks and finish out strong as we have lots coming up and to look towards. This week we are headed to Rome twice; once to visit the Vatican and to learn about the Mediterranean diet, which I have been waiting all semester for! Yesterday (Tuesday), we went to Vatican City for the second time as a group and one of our professors, Emilio Del Gesso, led our tour through the Vatican Museum which ultimately ended at the Sistine Chapel. On Monday, Emilio gave a lecture to familiarize us with what we were going to see at the museum and the Sistine Chapel so we could better appreciate what we were witnessing. We saw so many paintings, tapestries and statues. My favorite work of art was this massive tapestry  of the Last Supper. Jesus and the 12 apostles were about 3 times the size of me and I couldn’t help but stare and take it all in.  Finally, we reached the Sistine Chapel and it was magical. Growing up Catholic, I have been learning about this place my entire life and finally I was standing right in the middle, gazing upon the ceiling looking at each of Michelangelo’s paintings, from the first painting of lightness versus darkness and then leading up to Noah and the great flood. I’m not going to lie though. It did hurt my neck a bit as I couldn’t stop but kept trying to look farther back at the next scene.

Catherine Marshall Corsi