That was in Angels and Demons!!!

Yesterday our field trip led us back into Rome, and we were finally able to see the famous Chigi chapel along with the chains of St. Peter. Knowing that we would be seeing these sights, we had a palace movie night with Mrs. Linda and watched Angels and Demons. After reading the book and watching the movies, each time we saw a sight from the movie we would all freak out and yell “That was in Angels and Demons!” (Like the loud Americans that we are!)

We also went back to Vatican City, except this time to the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel. We had visited St. Peter’s Basilica at the beginning of the semester, but this part of the trip was saved for later!

Leading up to our trip heard lectures by multiple experts, including Emilio Del Gesso who gave us a brief explanation on the art and sculptures that we were going to see. This was extremely helpful, because the typical tourist would just walk past these things unable to admire their beauty and importance. Emilio also served as our tour guide for the day. (Thank goodness because no ten to fifteen Expert and Reminder facts could prepare us for the beauty and sheer size of the Vatican museum and the Sistine chapel.)

The tour was nothing short of incredible. However, I feel confident saying that the actual chapel was everyone’s favorite part. The vast amount of frescoes covering the walls and ceilings were breathtaking. It was hard to wrap your head around the fact that we were standing in the middle of one of Michelangelo’s greatest masterpieces.

We were finally able to understand why people came from all over the world to see this spectacle. Each and every time we see these sights, I think to myself how lucky we are to spend three months of our life living with this in our backyard!

Katie Tynes and I in the infamous Chigi Chapel!

Katie Tynes and I in the famous Chigi Chapel!

Sending our love from Palazzo Chigi,

Sarah Delly