We Are Family!

It is surreal to think that we only have a little over four weeks left here in Ariccia. This place is home and these people are my family. When this journey began, I could have never foreseen how close all twenty of us would become and being able to consider the Chigi Palace as my home. With each passing week, the more I realize how much I cherish each of these ladies and the impact they and this place have had on my life so far.

This past week, most of us were with our biological families. This was a much needed break from classes and the nonstop fieldtrips that this program provides. However, I could not help but wonder what my “Chigi Family” was doing each and every day. It really opened my eyes to see how much I have been taking for granted being able to see and talk to the girls all day every day. We were able to keep in touch through our group text and send pictures of the activities we were doing. But, this was not the same as experiencing it together like we have every weekend travelling up to this point.

Through these last couple of weeks, I am going to soak up every second that I have left of living with all twenty of these wonderfully diverse ladies. I know that even after this journey is over, our friendships and memories will just continue to grow and create bonds that will last a lifetime.

Rachael Jones

Mary Elizabeth, Jordan, and me having a good time in Cinque Terre!

Mary Elizabeth, Jordan, and me having a good time in Cinque Terre!