4th of July Minus America

When I think of 4th of July, I usually think of fireworks, the lake and grilling out with family but guess what- we spent ours listening to a U2 cover band at the Hard Rock Café in Florence, Italy.

With so much going on in the world, a lot of the girls on the trip are nervous for us to show our American pride. However, patriotism won out in the end and we walked around the streets of Florence waving our flags high above our heads. Amusingly, Italians were more receptive to our excitement than planned and many told us to “Enjoy our holiday.” As we walked through the streets in our red, white and blue some even yelled to our surprise, “God bless America!”

At Auburn, we always hear about “War-Eagle-Moments” happening across the globe. We experienced something similar seeing people, mostly tourists, dressed like us and knowing they were missing what we were missing back at home.

Being in Italy during the 4th is different and admittedly bittersweet. While it made us all a little homesick, we knew that everyone else back home was wishing they could be doing what we were doing. Nachos, cheeseburgers, Coca-Colas (with ICE- which is a big treat here in Italy), and music videos presenting Elvis and Bruno Mars, made our hearts and bellies very happy to say the least! All twenty-two girls will tell you that the 4th of July (minus America) was one that we will never forget.

Ciao, Courtney Day

Showing off our American pride outside of the Hard Rock Cafe!

Showing off our American pride outside of the Hard Rock Cafe!