Beauty Desensitized

Rome is a beautiful place. The first time I arrived to this part of the world in the summer of 2011, I was completely and utterly awestruck by the beauty and antiquity of everything around me. I love America but coming to this part of the world is a truly special and unforgettable opportunity for which I am so thankful. It is not every day that I am able to step back 2500 years and imagine what life must have been like while standing next to the ancient ruins of that time.

Coming to Rome for the second time, I knew more of what to expect. I remember feeling like an ant while standing inside the Pantheon the first time I saw it. However, seeing it again was like greeting an old friend, not quite as novel and jaw-dropping but still amazing. I now realize that living here for 3 months is a completely different story. I’ve begun to feel myself becoming desensitized to the history and beauty around me. More like it has simply become a part of every day life. It’s no longer a novelty to walk down a cobblestone street into a piazza with a beautiful Bernini fountain. It’s simply my walk to the restaurant with the good paninis.

I am constantly reminding myself to step back and take it all in while I can. The atmosphere is electric and magical. I know in 4 short weeks I will be back in the United States and missing this place more than I can imagine. I love that I now know beautiful Rome so well and can maybe even say that I feel more like a local than a tourist.

Ginny Nicholson

(From left to right) Ashley Lorenz, Courtney Fletcher, Ginny Nicholson, Courtney Day, + Sarah Crouch - exploring Rome

(From left to right) Ashley Lorenz, Courtney Fletcher, Ginny Nicholson, Courtney Day, and Sarah Crouch – exploring Rome at the beginning of our stay.