Home Is Where Ariccia Is

Group standing in front of Coliseum

Group standing inside the Colosseum – from left to right: Courtney D., Caroline C., Ginny N., Elisabeth E., and me (Mary Maud M.)

It is week three here for us Chigi babies in the beautiful place of Ariccia, Italy. This past week we toured the Vatican, Roman Forum, and Colosseum – and what an adventure that was! We also learned from Mary Lou how to prepare a real Italian meal from and had our wine tasting class with Maurizio. Thinking back, I know that I could not navigate/survive (this week especially!) without the help of Roberta, Cinzia, and Linda!

I completed an assignment this past week that consisted of explaining the highlights of an incredibly gorgeous and old Roman arch called the Arch of Titus. I had so much fun learning about the Roman Forum and how important everything inside it is. The fact that so many parts of the Forum left there is so preserved and sturdy, gives me chills. It makes me feel so small, but very much in awe. Sometimes I get caught up in daily life, like traveling or homework, and forget to notice, and most importantly, soak up, the rich history of the world that we are living in.

After a long week of classes and touring Rome, I embarked on a journey to Munich, Germany along with ten other awesome gals. We visited the famous Catholic Church in downtown Munich, toured Dachau’s concentration camp/memorial site, and ate way too much food. As much fun as we all had, I have never missed my twin bed in Ariccia as badly as I did Sunday night,-while traveling back. As I stepped off of the jet in FCO airport, I had a calm spirit and thought to myself, it’s good to be home.


Mary Maud Meacham