Inspired; Even By Mondays

We made it to “Ah-ree-cha,” and thank goodness we are finally over the jet lag and starting to get settled into this beautiful place we get to call home. It has been one week, and yet it feels like a month and a day all at the same time because we have seen and done so much. I am so inspired by everything around me right now because there is beauty everywhere I look. It makes me want to become an artist or go write a book.

I can speak for all 22 of us when I say that this has been a much-needed change of pace. We are beginning to get used to eating for hours and sitting around drinking wine over good conversation. Aperitivo is everyone’s favorite because who doesn’t love cheese, bread, and meat? I’m a foodie, and it seems like everyone else is too, so we are all getting along just fine. Our nights are usually spent cooking dinner, drinking wine, and pretending we can speak Italian. We’re learning. Life isn’t bad at all.

Italy is the only place that makes Mondays look good because we have our cooking class with Mary Lou, and last Monday we even had a wine tasting with Maurizio. Mary Lou taught us how to make the most amazing carbonara and tiramisu, while Maurizo taught us about the history of wine. We tried several different types of wine and enjoyed a light aperitivo prepared by our lovely lecturers. Speaking of our lecturers, they are all so wonderful and selfless, and we really appreciate all they do!

Mary Lou explaining how to cook pasta properly. Isn't she beautiful?

Mary Lou explaining how to cook pasta properly. Isn’t she beautiful?

I’m sad one week has already come and gone, but I also feel so fortunate that we each get to have this experience of a lifetime!

Elisabeth Epperson