Milano Expo 2015: Eat Like No One is Watching

With 140 and about 4.2 square miles of space at the Milano Expo 2015, food is not a shortage. Ranging from Zebra burgers to USA food trucks to spicy Chinese rice noodles, one can completely go into a food coma just from the smells. One of the goals of the Expo was to make people feel as if they had truly traveled the world in one day, so here is my account of eating around the world in one day!

11am Pakistan, where the smells completely took over and thankfully were stronger than the smell of tourists. After walking into the Pakistan pavilion, I quickly realized that the falafel was a much better souvenir than any decorated plate or picture. Falafel, make from chickpea paste and then fried, tasted like a American style hummus and our whole group could not get enough.

12am Lebanon, a nice escape from the smell of the nearby USA barbecue truck. The Lebanon exhibit was very small in size but made up for it with the smell of the pastries. Therefore, I had to get one of there amazing pastries that tasted like honey from heaven. I am still trying to find the recipe for these.

1:30pm Lebanon…part two. Lebanon was so great, I could not deny round two. The honey was so rich from the pastry, I decided I needed some real food and had still been thinking about the falafel from my first Expo food experience. So I had to get their vegetarian plate of falafel, two kinds of hummus, tabbouleh salad, spinachi, and a chickpea vegetable soup. It was wonderful, and felt somewhat healthy!

3pm Chocolate Cluster, where the food coma sets in. I sat in line for thirty minutes to go through the chocolate museum and chocolate store, but once inside could only muster to hold one tiny morsel of a chocolate bar in my stomach due to the amount of food consumed. The one bite of chocolate was dark, nutty, smooth, and dreamy!!

4:30pm China, the second wind. After walking all through the Expo (just in order to eat more) I could finally try some more food. I went with friends to a restaurant behind the large, beautiful China pavilion. They got spicy rice noodles, a traditional food in Chinese culture, and they kindly let me try some because I was not sure if I could handle the spiciness. After the long struggle of trying to get the slimy noodles onto my fork, I tried them. Immediately my lips started burning, my eyes started watering, and I started having a hot flash. These noodles needed to have had a hazard sign on them….BEWARE. I was amazed how others could eat the whole bowl…apparently I am a wimp.

 5pm Sicily, the homeland and the homestretch. I had been seeing cannoli’s all day and I had never tried one. I decided to be in Italy for a whole semester and never have a cannoli was just unacceptable. It was time to take myself back to the original taste of Italy. This was the best decision I made all day. It was incredible! With one side decorated with oranges and the other side with chocolate chips, the taste of spiciness from my last food experience was completely erased. It was the best dinner to end my cultural day at Expo Milano.

Best Cannoli of My Life!

Best Cannoli of My Life!

Lessons Learned:

Always try new things!

Always go to World Expos, they are amazing cultural hubs!

Always end your day with a taste of Italy!

Mallory See