Rome(ing) Around the Town

This past weekend as a group, we decided to take on Roma for the first time and boy was it an experience. Our task: to find 15 different historical sights throughout the large city. On Friday, night my group sat down to map out our strategy. With map and scavenger hunt clues in hand, our group of five took off and successfully hopped on the 10:45 AM train headed toward Roma Termini.

At the Albano train station catching the train for the first time.

At the Albano train station catching the train for the first time

Driven and confident, we stepped off the train looking like complete Americans with our brightly colored umbrellas. After wondering around lost trying to figure out what street we were on, we finally spotted the Colosseum for a central landmark. Things got a lot easier once we noticed that in Roma there are not any street signs, just plaques on sides of buildings confirming the street we were currently on. Thankfully, Kelly was phenomenal with the map and directions while I handled more of the scavenger hunt clues.

Fun but rainy day called for umbrellas.

Fun but rainy day called for umbrellas

After walking what felt like about 13 miles, we were finally finished with all 15 points. One of the best parts of the day was getting to eat and wonder around the Jewish Ghetto. In the Jewish Ghetto, we found find food called a Jewish artichoke which really tastes like a blooming onion. I highly suggest that! It was very easy to fly through Roma just getting all the assignments done but I want to go back for the day to really walk around and enjoy the city.

Pasta dish for lunch in the Jewish Ghetto.

Pasta dish for lunch in the Jewish Ghetto

This opportunity to study in Ariccia is amazing and to know we are less than an hour from one of the most historical cities in the world is mind blowing. From what I have learned from the first week, it is easy to get caught up in weekend travel but it is important to step back and enjoy where we are.

That’s it for now!!!

Ciao from Italia.

Alexis Awtrey