Sweet Home Ariccia

Ciao friends!

It’s been a busy week for us 22 Chigi babies! Once we conquered jet lag, a few cold showers, and the challenges of Italian wi-fi, we couldn’t wait to explore Ariccia and the surrounding towns. Our new home is as charming as charming can be. Cobblestone streets, flowers on balconies, and picturesque sunsets are just a few of Ariccia’s treasures.

Ariccia is definitive proof that Heaven is a place on earth.

Living here has been a refreshing change of pace. The Italian people have such passion for life… but must we never forget that their lives are approximately 50% food. Italian food puts every other country to shame. In the past 6 days, I’ve probably inhaled 8 plates of pasta, 3 pizzas, and of course, GELATO. It’s truly life changing.

The beginning of the end (of my skinny jeans)

The beginning of the end (of my skinny jeans)

Speaking of life changing, let’s talk travel! When we’re not attempting to learn the language or taking cooking classes, we’re visiting the many hidden treasures of Italia. This semester’s forecast includes Rome, Venice, Florence, Tuscany, and many other cities in between! Last week, we had the opportunity to visit several of the Castelli Romani towns that are scattered throughout the Alban Hills. Each town has its own story and its own specialty. A few of our favorites were Frascati, Castel Gandolfo, and Nemi!

Beautiful Nemi, known for its miniature strawberries!

Beautiful Nemi, known for its miniature strawberries!

After walking a little over 6 miles in freezing temperatures, we were certainly excited to get back to our humble abode: The Palazzo Chigi! It’s incredible to be living in a building that’s been around since the 16th century… a building that was renovated by Bernini himself. I think I speak for everyone when I say this has been a great start to an even greater semester.

The famed Palazzo Chigi, over 400 years old!


Haley McCarrell