To Berlin & Beyond

Although the Joseph S. Bruno program is a ‘study’ abroad, it is an amazing experience. The lecturers are more than entertaining, and the subjects are fascinating; some include, but are not limited to: architecture, art, literature, history, Western thought, wine history, and many more. Being able to associate the things we learn about in class to the actual sites around Italy is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Additionally, we have the chance to travel as a group to places all around Italy and the chance to travel when we have free time – which is also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Overall, being an Interdisciplinary Studies major, it is amazing to be able to combine all of my emphases in a variety of ways throughout the program.

For our first free weekend, a group of girls and I decided to travel outside of Ariccia and to get a sense of some other European culture. We decided to take a trip to Berlin, Germany, and tour the Berlin Wall, surrounding areas, and get a taste for a traditional German Oktoberfest. The Berlin Wall was one of the most moving pieces of history I have ever experienced. Viewing the beautiful art along the wall, in addition to all of the memorials from the time East and West Germany were divided, is extremely emotional; the wall feels as if you are in the time and place of the people who experienced this time in history.

One of the inspiring pieces of art along the Berlin Wall

One of the inspiring pieces of art along the Berlin Wall

A lot of the art is representative of the strength and optimism the Germans had during a terrible time and it is a reminder to keep experiencing life and to travel often – because without traveling, we would have never had such a great opportunity as this. Italy is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever seen – and I am completely ready to move here! The people, the culture, the food, the schooling, and many more as I could go on forever, are all amazing and worth every minute of the semester!

Written by Heather Heffner