Venice, The Lonely Planet


Venice Boat

A boat tied to a post in Burano, Italy

Traveling all around Europe has been the most miraculous adventure of my lifetime. Beginning on Monday, we left from Rome towards Venice by high speed train. Upon arriving, we were immediately greeted by the smooth waters of the Grand Canal. The town was buzzing with the excitement of the Carnevale festivities that were taking place while we were there. The food was a bit more expensive than Rome or Ariccia but overall it was good! The street vendors were extra excited for tourists to buy their handmade masks and other Venice jewels. St. Mark’s Square is full of people running in a million different directions and plenty of birds everywhere!


Colorful costumes for the Carnevale festival

While visiting Venice, we were also able to travel to its surrounding islands, Murano and Burano. Murano is famous for its glass making. The glass making industry used to be on the mainland in Venice but due to the risk of fire, it was moved to this nearby island. We were able to witness a glass horse and a glass bowl made before our eyes. It was so incredible how quickly the craftsman can form the glass!


Instructor demonstrating glass blowing in Murano, Italy

The next stop was Burano, a colorful island near Murano. Its colorful houses were definitely the first things we spotted. This area is my favorite of all the places we have visited so far. Its colorful houses are organized very precisely and the owner of each home is not allowed to choose whichever color they prefer. The colors are selected by the higher authority in order to maintain the island’s biggest income…the tourists! Studying interior design at Auburn, we have always been taught to use a series of color schemes that flow well together with other houses and other objects. Visiting the different islands in Venice, is is unique to compare the styles of the Venetians to the styles and customs of Americans through design.

Houses aligned in Burano, Italy.

Houses in Burano, Italy

Erin Williams