We are F-A-M-I-L-Y

  It is week two on our personal Grand Tour . When I first arrived on my Grand Tour I was excited for the places that I will would visit, but I am quickly learning that this Grand Tour is not a solo adventure. It is a journey that I will continue on with 20 students, 1 teacher’s assistant, and 14 amazing lecturers.

  On May 11th, 21 girls landed in the Rome airport anxiously anticipating the summer ahead. We pulled up to a beautiful light blue palace that will call home for the next 12 weeks. During that first week, it was whirlwind of new faces and people. Some faces, I recognized from a class or passing by in Spidle. As the week went on I found my self myself getting to know each girl in a unique way.

  Later in the week, we are introduced to our faculty. The faculty has been thrilled to share their extensive knowledge of the Italian culture. Linda, Cinzia, and Roberta are like the three guardian angels. They each have a unique strength that allows them to work as a team. Having them around, has allowed the transition into a new culture a breeze. They are always willing to help in any way they are able to, just like a mom.

  Between the 21 girls and the faculty, it seems like we created a new little Chigi family. It is a strange sensation going from strangers to best friends looking out for each other while traveling in Rome and new cities. Even from just a few short days, I can already guarantee these friends have turned into family experiencing a summer of a lifetime.

-Courtney Fletcher


Our first group picture on top of Montecavo.