What An Adventure Its Been

I often pinch myself and try to remember that I am living and traveling throughout Europe all summer. It has been such an experience so far. We never stop moving, but this program has blown my mind in ways that I never knew it would. We have seen more and done more than I ever thought we could in just two months!! There is so much work and well thought out plans put into this program and it shows and has encompassed such dynamic things. I am so thankful for getting to travel all around and learn so much. I can’t believe what an amazing opportunity this has been. The program has exposed me to so much life. So many new perspectives, so many new places, so many new friends, so much newness. It has been wonderful. I will never forget my summer abroad in Europe. The Palace has truly begun to feel like home. When I am traveling out of the country on the weekends, it is always so refreshing to get to come back to my bed in the palace. At first I thought that living with 21 girls would be challenging. But to my surprise, it has been incredibly fun! There is so much life consistently surrounding me. I love getting to always say “hi” to someone, and there is always someone to grab a coffee with! Something I loved getting to do was go to Genzano, which is about 10 minutes from Ariccia. We went on the day they had the flower festival! It was incredible! They lined the streets with beautiful designs all made of flowers. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen. Cooking together in the palace has also been one of my favorite parts of the program. We get to learn from a local, Mrs. Mary Lou, and she is absolutely wonderful. It’s like we are one big family all enjoying a meal together. I truly am so thankful for this incredible opportunity.

Genzano Flower Festival
The Genzano Flower Festival

-Renee Guidry