Why Not Give Opera a Chance?

Coming to Italy and not seeing an opera is like going to New York City, New York and not getting tickets to a Broadway show. The magic of an Italian opera is similar to the joy with which Americans love Broadway. Spectators travel from all over the world to see these shows and either leave loving the opera or Broadway or decide these types of entertainment simply are not for them. Either way, there is no way to know what type of entertainment is for you without giving an Italian opera or Broadway play a chance.

During my time here in Italy, I have tried my best to try everything in the Italian culture, as well as the cultures of other countries I have visited. When Linda Ruth told my class that we were going to see an opera, I was a little skeptical of how the evening would turn out. I have seen an opera before, and decided the art was not for me. However, the more Linda explained about the importance of the opera in Italian culture, the more I opened up to the idea.

When we arrived to Terme di Caracalla, the venue of the opera, I was awestruck with how cool the amphitheater was. The ruins of ancient Roman baths host concerts, operas, and much more, but only during the summer months. During Madame Butterfly, the opera we went as a class to see, it dawned on me just how lucky I am to experience one of Italy’s most popular operas in such a fantastic setting. Sarah Buhler

JSB Summer '15 Girls at Madame Butterfly

JSB Summer ’15 Girls at Madame Butterfly