Calling All Bloggers

Ever so often in life, I find that I feel the sensation of ‘perfect timing.’ In my case, this program gave me the opportunity to be overcome by this sensation. As a sophomore apparel merchandising student following fashion bloggers, via social media, is almost  second nature to me. I spend a good portion of my days checking up on the latest trends and newest hot spots through what I see on personal accounts. During practicum week, I had the opportunity to go to Fendi Roma and it just so happened to be the week of the big opening night of Zuma, their new top of the line Japanese restaurant. With every opening night in the fashion industry there comes the flood of celebrity guests from models, like Bella Hadid, to celebrities, like Kendall Jenner. The most important to me was Fendi’s spokesperson for the night, fashion blogger Shea Marie of “peaceloveshea.” Shea has been an idol of mine since the beginning of the boom of the instagram blogging takeover. The opening night was on a Thursday and just so happened to be one of our days off; talk about timing. I arrived in Rome and waited in the tiny crowds of the beautifully decorated Fendi Roma store. As I saw Shea walk outside the doors with the camera crew I couldn’t help but scream her name and wave. I thought nothing of it when she waved back and went back inside to continue filming, but when she came back outside and started walking toward me I felt my heart drop a little. She came directly up to me and I struggled to keep calm to hold the casual conversation we were having. As she walked away I couldn’t believe what had just happened and that I had actually just met one of my idols. Timing is a funny thing and I feel lucky enough to have caught it just right.


By: Caroline Porter

Shea Marie, of "peaceloveshea"

Shea Marie, of “peaceloveshea”