Feeling the Burn!!


A view at the top of our climb!

I have got to start out this post by saying I love these girls. Aside from this being an incredible study abroad experience, I never thought that I would have such great memories with so many different people. The girls I am studying with are amazing, and the experiences we are getting to share together will keep us connected for the rest of our lives.

We spent the past weekend in the beautiful Cinque Terre. Getting there was a treat in itself! Coming from Florence, we each had an additional bag of souvenirs to drag around. We hopped on three different trains to get to Cinque Terre, and on our last connection we accidentally got on the wrong train! Once we were all settled into our seats, Cinzia jumped on and yell at us to get off, “you’re on the wrong train!” It was a mad scramble to lug all of our stuff back off and then waddle our way to the correct platform. We must have been a sight to see.

The first night there, a couple of the girls and I had so much fun sitting on the beach and creating our own little dance party. We were moving and grooving in the sand, belting it out to all of our favorite 2000’s throwbacks. Then, the following morning we set out with a tour guide to hike one of the harder trails in the area. I am embarrassed to say that my legs were on fire after the first set of stairs! I didn’t think I was going to make it the rest of the way, but with a little bit of team encouragement, and my refusal to let anyone show me up, I eventually made it to the top. We paused here to enjoy our well-deserved lunch and take in the beautiful views. It really was breathtaking. Then me and my shaky legs began the descent down the mountain. Every time I stopped to take a picture of the landscape, my legs would threaten to wobble me off the side of the cliff!

I really loved this mini-vacation to this beautiful town. Although my nose is burned and my legs are sore to the touch, I would hike any mountain with these girls again.


-Kayla Blaedow