It’s a Vogue World

The wall you see right when you walk into the exhibition.

The wall right when walking into the exhibition

Vogue100. A Century of Style. Everyone is familiar with the magazine “Vogue,” one of the most popular fashion magazines featuring the most beautiful models in the world. Well on my 10 day break, otherwise known as Spring Break, I decided to travel to London, England for a couple of days. While looking into things to do while in London, a Vogue Expo popped up and that was immediately the first on my list of things to do. Not really knowing what to expect when I went, I was so excited to see everything that was offered from Vogue in the last 100 years!

My mouth dropped immediately the second my foot stepped through the front door. Everything was so modern but it was not exactly what I had expected. I have been to some fashion expos before that housed couture dresses from the last fifty years, but this was very different. There was every cover of Vogue from the last 100 years. The girls on the covers were just amazingly beautiful. Each room was a different color housing different eras. Something different about this exhibition is that it was structured in reverse chronological order. It started with the magazine of today and moved back through the decades to the very first issue.

The passion that the photographers, editor-and-chiefs’, models, and everyone in between put into making the covers was awesome to see. I cannot imagine the hard work. Having to come up with different themes and positions requires lots of behind the scene work. I walked around for an hour and a half and was mind blown by all the detail. Each year had its own unique style to it. I was definitely able to tell which cover was from which year just from the style of each model’s hair, what they were wearing, and whether the cover was in black and white or color.

Each cover took my breath away in its own individual way because of the incredible detail that was expressed. It was truly an experience to be able to walk through this exhibition and look at all the timeless covers over the last 100 years. Thank you Auburn University, not only for the experience of a lifetime, but for the experience to travel and see the world in ways I never thought I would be able to!

By: Morgan O’Brien