La Dolce Vita

I am still in shock that we have just started the third week of my time here in Ariccia. The days here seem like they are never ending (in a good way), but the weeks come to an end in lightening speed. La Dolce Vita means The Sweet Life, and Italy is nothing short of sweet. All the way from different sights we have visited, to the people, and to the gelato, Italy does not disappoint in any department.

Since I am fashion major, it has been so fun for me to really get to see the way people dress in Europe. I have travelled to Amsterdam and Rome and the people in both places seem to have the same wardrobe: sneakers, jeans, and parkas! We seriously walk everywhere (thank goodness), so a cute pair of sneakers is a must. I have already invested in two pairs of Adidas, but I still have a long way to go before I achieve that cool European “street style”.

After long weeks and even longer weekends, I am so ready and so happy to be back home in Ariccia. Yes, the places we travel are so amazing, but nothing can beat the comfort of our home at the palace. We get to see the real side of Italy by living in Ariccia just because we are seriously immersed in this town and the culture.

Tonight we were ‘adopted’ by our Italian family, and I am so excited to truly see the way they live their lives, and to benefit from the food and the comfort of a family at the same time! I am looking forward to the rest of my time here, but I am making sure to not take any second for granted.

Patricia Flach