Under The Tuscan Sun

The region of Tuscany is something out of a storybook. Driving through the rolling hills of the countryside made the two-hour bus ride, turned four, more bearable. We have seen so many wonderful things and done so much that it is hard to keep track of it all. This rare opportunity to travel around Europe has been an immense blessing and I would not trade it for the world. Now, let’s get back to Tuscany. Like I said, driving through the Tuscan countryside was something from a dream. I had seen the region of Tuscany in movies and in books, but it was so much better seeing it in person. Watching the movie Under the Tuscan Sun before going to the region made me that much more excited about going. The way of living of the people there is so different from the American suburbs that I grew up in. But they make it work! There were countless vineyards and olive farms waiting to produce products that we have grown to love. And with the vineyards comes wine tasting. Having the opportunity to have wine tastings in the heart of the Italian countryside is amazing. The culture and joy of the people teaching us makes it even better. Tuscany also has things that are not common to the United States, at least where I am from. Wild boars are beautiful yet destructive animals. On one of our stops in the countryside, I saw the wild boars running up the hills and it was a sight to see. Tuscany has captured my heart and I hope that everyone has a chance for it to capture their hearts as well.

Ciao, Hannah Bernard


Feeling fall vibes in the Tuscan countryside!