Oh the Places We’ll Go

I cannot believe that Spring Break has already come and gone! This entire trip has flown by with a mere five weeks left, and yet there are so many places left to visit. With little time remaining, I have decided that I need to take it slow, enjoy each day, and appreciate every moment we have together as a group. I feel lucky to be a part of such a loving group of girls who are excited to form lasting friendships with one another and truly care about each other. It has made the trip that much more enjoyable.

As I left for Spring Break a week ago, I was so excited to see and travel with my family, but sad to leave my friends. Our group would be separated for nine whole days!! That’s pretty long considering we spend every moment of the weekdays together, but you know what they say: distance makes the heart grow fonder!

My parents joined me in Rome for the first few days of Spring Break. I was confident enough to lead them through the city and give a brief history lesson on each monument we stopped to see. It was somewhat satisfying to be able to give them the reasoning behind each place and answer the questions they had. I felt well prepared for my unofficial ‘tour’ I gave to my parents and they seemed impressed!

After a few days of exploring my self-proclaimed stomping grounds, we left to venture to Kitzbuhel, Austria where my brothers planned to join us. Kitzbuhel is a medieval ski village at the base of the Austrian Alps. It is a picturesque storybook town with colorful buildings and cobblestone streets. The restaurants were below street level with medieval décor inside. But, I think what made our trip so great was our lodging that was a medieval farmhouse turned into a hotel called The Tennerhof Hotel. During our stay, we met the owner of the hotel who gave us the entire history of the hotel that has been in his family since the early 1900s, and continues to be a widely recognized destination for many European tourists. While the skiing was great, my family and I would return to Kitzbuhel just to spend a week in the hotel. We made friends with people from all across Europe and ate some of the best food I have ever tasted. If you can’t tell already, I would highly suggest a visit to the Tennerhof!!


It was a quick, but relaxing week. I enjoyed every bit of it and the time I had with my family. This trip will always be one we remember, and I’m so happy my family could join me on one of the best semesters of my college experience! I was happy to return home to the palace, to my friends, and most importantly, to my bed. It was a great feeling to return to a schedule and to our little town of Ariccia. I’m excited for the next couple of weeks! Ciao!

– Mary Eugenia Hunt


A side street in Kitzbuhel with the Austrian Alps peaking out from behind the church