Pizza, Pasta & Pane

The experience of cooking authentic Italian food in an Italian home is something most people do not get to do. While abroad here in Ariccia, we have been able to be a part of our own Italian family. For me, this has been one of my favorite aspects of the trip. Being exposed to a true Italian home has been a huge part of trying to immerse myself in the culture of food and family that is all around us.

The Italian home is something that is held in such high regard not only in Italy but the world. They are known for their emphasis on family life, and we have gotten to experience this first hand with the help of the JSB program. Some of the dishes I have made with my family have been, taglitelle with ragu sauce, prosciutto on beef, spaghetti with fish, and many other small dishes. My personal favorite was the prosciutto on beef.

Not only has this been an incredible way to truly learn about Italian family life, but it has helped me with my Italian. Applying the language in the home has helped with basic words, though it is only a small help, it has made a difference. My family has made a lasting impact on me and my time here in Italy. I truly hope that I will keep in touch with them once I leave Ariccia.

The collection of experiences I have gained while abroad in Ariccia will be the ones that I will always remember and cherish. The professors and staff here guiding us have put together the most unbelievable semester. It is amazing we have this opportunity to be a part of the small community of Ariccia.

Leah Cook

Grandma in the kitchen