Eiffel in Louvre with Paris

Paris was a breath of fresh air – not literally, but it was AMAZING.

I went for the first time this past weekend, and fell in LOVE. I’m already dreaming of when I will get to go back someday. A couple of rules when going to Paris are:

  1. Say no to the men selling champagne for €30 (you can get it for €5 – trust me)
  2. Say YES to cheap flights

When the Chigi baby crew found cheap flights, we packed our bags and made Paris happen.

As soon as we stepped foot on the lawn of the Eiffel Tower, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen. When I travel, I am always behind the lens (sometimes too much) trying to capture a perfect video to use down the road. This time, it was different. Yes of course we took pictures, but for the first time in a long time I was truly seeing and LIVING. I wasn’t obsessed with capturing every little thing, instead I just took it all in. I mean who all can say they’ve gotten to spend their birthday in Paris? Yes, it was my birthday (05/18) and an incredible one at that.

Of course, I could go on and on about Paris, but instead I would like to say a few things about the amazing CREW I was with.

Olivia | @livurlife6: Olivia is 4 feet and 11 inches of puuuure sauce. I’ve only known this girl for 2 weeks and DANG can she make me laugh. Those one liners mixed with that southern accent will have you rolling on the floor and probably crying. She truly is the life of the party, and I know without a doubt we will be friends for yearssss. Rachel | @rachelsamaras: Let me tell ya, this girl should NOT wear heels in the metro or on any cobblestone street for that matter. BUT Rachel will just sit and listen to anyone’s stories, and comment on them, ask questions, and genuinely want to hear more. She is definitely one you can count on. Abbie | @childish_gauldino: If there is one person that knows her way around a foreign country or a metro, it’s Abbie. She will have you RUNNING (and winded if you’re like me) no doubt, but you won’t be late, will always have your travel documents, and can count on her to save you a seat at the restaurant that she found 19864756408 days in advance. Sarah | @say_ham: HAHAHA gosh I love her. If there is ever a dull moment, she will quickly give the group something to laugh about. She is the KWEEN of sleep and will forever be that person I invite to travel with me. She is down for just about anything. Taylor | @taytaywolf1: Taylor has the most calming presence that is so addicting. She is always in a good mood and is the best conversationalist. She was my favorite person to sit by at dinner or walk the streets with – the conversation just flowed. Taylor, keep doing you and being a positive influence. Kitty | @ kit_king: You can’t not love Kitty. I just automatically gravitate to her. You hear about people all the time, who have a ‘light’ about them, and that is KIT described perfectly. She’s not the loudest one in the group, she’s not the center of attention, but she exudes confidence in such a beautiful way. Thank you for being YOU Kit and not letting anyone change that. Kerry | @kerryanneedavis: If you hear someone saying “YASS QUEEN #WERK IT” while taking a picture, it’s probably Kerry. I. LOVE. THIS. GIRL. Kerry is.. hmmm how do I put this.. A SUPERSTAR (she really does like stars). I could honestly talk to her all day, and if there is someone who can positively impact people, it’s her. Sabrina | @sabrinaangelo1: Her snapchats make me CRY they are so funny. She is SO photogenic, and a FIREBALL to say the least. She doesn’t seem intimidating, but I promise she’s stronger than you, she’s smarter than you, and she’s from ATL. So, your best bet is to walk away. Christopher | @chvought (aka: THE “TA”): If there is someone who can navigate – it’s this guy (I’m totally kidding – he will have you walking in circles for MILES). On a real note, he is an awesome roommate, and probably cares about the group more than anyone I know. If we need something, he will always be right there to help you out. Caroline | @cwalk_23: THE GOAT, THE PEANUT BUTTER TO MY JELLY, THE MVP. Was that too aggressive? I hope so because I meant it!!! Need someone to laugh with? Find Carol. She’s alllll over the place, eats more than a teenage boy going through puberty, always stands up to me, and I listen to her anyway. It’s Caroline. She can turn a bad day around with her presence.

I love these people so much and can’t wait for more trip likes Paris to take place this summer. They are the best BIRGS (friends) I could ask for while living in Ariccia.

Ciao, Bella’s.

– Dalton | @dcparkman