Livin’ in the Swiss Alps

If you are ever looking for an amazing place to visit if you want to visit Europe, it is definitely the Swiss Alps. You heard it first from Natalie Sapienza. Everyone says to visit Italy, but Interlaken, Switzerland is a hidden gem. This past weekend I traveled to Interlaken and I have never been so in love with a country from the minute i stepped off the airplane. To start, off the Geneva airport is gorgeous and has anything I could ever imagine. No one even needs to have a mall nearby, because the airport has everything and more. I traveled with a great group of girls and was really excited that I got to go with them. We started our trip off with a two and half hour train ride to Interlaken and the hole country of Switzerland was picturesque, I was blown away by the beauty of this country. Once I arrived everyone in the group was obsessed with this small, adventurous town. Everyone spoke perfect English and then could turn around and speak French and German, not to mention, everyone was incredible nice. We had our first excursion Friday night and it was night sledding! It is probably the most surreal thing I have ever done in my life. I was flying down a mountain in the Swiss Alps in the dark while it snowing. All I have to light my way down the three-mile track was the night sky, which is perfect! The sky was so clear and I have never seen so many constellations in my life. I will never forget sledding down that mountain, leaning back and just staring up at the gorgeous sky. It was an amazing trip and I will never forget it and hope to go back to visit a beautiful country.

Train ride up to interlaken!