“Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”


My title comes from my favorite Dr. Seuss book. It is the best read when you begin a new chapter of life. I cannot believe all the places I am getting to go in this exciting chapter of my life.

I am about to begin my fourth week in Italy, and I am remembering all over again why I am such a firm believer that experience is the best teacher. I feel like my mind is overflowing with the history and beauty of all of the amazing places I am experiencing and seeing.

I spent time in Rome the first week I arrived in Italy, and I was blown away by the history I was walking in and how that made me feel. There is just no way to understand the gravity and wonder of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome from a postcard or photo. It’s impossible to truly appreciate the detail and intricacy of Michelangelo’s statues before looking at them in person. I felt the emotion of the scenes and the picture the artist was creating with his work.

Seeing the Colosseum and the Roman Forum were also highlights of my time in Rome. The gardens, exotic bird cages, and terraces must have been a hit for the parties the emperors used to throw. It’s amazing to travel back in time and know that I am walking on the same roads and ground that people walked on in the time of Christ. It is hard to describe how that feels, but it is something special.

For my most recent weekend travel, I visited Malta. It was an unbelievable place. The people were kind, the history was astounding, and the view of the boats and the water from our terrace was idyllic and picturesque. The Blue Grotto Caves were full of crystal clear blue water and unlike anything I have ever seen.

Blue Grotto Cave in Malta

My friends and I also happened to stumble upon the oldest temples in the world on the coast of Malta. They were from 3500 B.C.!!!!! We could not believe it. There is so much to learn and see in the world, and I feel like I am only scratching the surface.

I think that travel is a little bit like my grandmother’s caramel cake. It always leave me hungry for more!

‘Saluti’ to the adventures to come!

Sellers Mulvaney