Spring With a Bit of Break

My mom and Me at the Castle!

Well, spring break has come and gone, leaving us with only five weeks left here in beautiful Italy. I honestly cannot believe that we have completed seven weeks here and have done so much. I did not think that I could become so close to these girls in this short amount of time. The break was so nice and I loved seeing my parents. One thing I did not think about when signing up for three months in Italy was how much I would miss my family. A week away from the palace seemed like such a long time in the beginning of the week, however, it went by so quickly. My mom and dad planned a full week. We travelled to six countries, nine cities and drove 1600 miles (I did not count the steps because it would be too many). My favorite place by far was Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany. It was such a unique place to visit and I was fascinated by both the interior and exterior design. My favorite room inside the castle was the king’s artificial grotto, which had an artificial indoor waterfall. My family rode on horse and carriage up to the castle and then back down, but we walked to the Queen Mary’s Bridge, which allows for the perfect photo background of the castle. Overall, it was hands down, the best spring break I have ever had and I am so happy that I was able to experience it with the ones I love the most. I am so excited for the next upcoming weeks and I am so happy to be back together with all the girls in the palace.

~Abigail Benz