Vatican City and Saint Peter’s Basilica

Ciao from Italy!

It has been a packed past couple of days. Our group has hit the ground running ever since the moment we stepped off the plane.  We have been to Rome and back a couple of times in the past few days learning how the train, metro, and all of the streets work. We have gone on multiple tours, guided and self-guided, and it seems that every time we see a new destination I find my new “favorite place on earth.”

Most recently, we visited Vatican City to see Saint Peter’s Basilica. It is fascinating to know Vatican City is its own country inside of Rome, Italy! We entered St. Peter’s square, and I was taken aback at how grand it is. The square was designed and built by Bernini between 1656 and 1667!

We entered the Basilica and I was literally brought to tears at the grandiosity of the church. One of the facts that I found most interesting was that there is not one painting inside the entire church, but instead it is covered in mosaics full of thousands of tiles each.

After we exited the church we had the incredible opportunity to go the necropolis and see the tomb where Saint Peter is believed to be buried. This is a guided tour that people schedule months beforehand because it is so exclusive.

As we descended beneath the church it felt as though we were travelling back in time. The bricks that I ran my hand across were easily 2.000 years old. This experience completely humbled me, as I thought of all the people that had come before me, and the impact that they have had on Italy, and the world.

This has been my favorite experience so far, but I know that soon I will find another “favorite place.” I can not wait to discover what the rest of this country has for me to see!


Crystal Goldbach

Saint Peter’s Basilica