When in Rome


We have officially been in Ariccia for one week. It is slowly starting to set in that I will be living in this beautiful country for 3 months. Ariccia is a charming little town with sweet people and great views! It has cute and homey shops including coffee bars and pizza places. I can get a cappuccino for just 1 Euro. All of the shop owners are so kind and patient with us as we can speak zero Italian. This little town has so much character and it is already starting to feel like home.

We had our first free 2-day weekend and a group of us decided to go into Rome on Saturday to complete a Scavenger Hunt assignment. Since we had gone into Rome the day before all together, this helped us be able to navigate Rome on our own and to see more of the sites. We walked almost 16 miles that day. One of my favorite things was being in Rome at night. All the cafes turned on their twinkle lights and all of the monuments and buildings were lit up. As the sun went down, the street musicians and artists came out. We stayed in Rome till almost midnight trying to soak it all in. It is safe to say that my feet were hurting by the end of the night. Rome is full of history and beauty and I am so grateful that I get to experience it at a this fun stage of life. To think I have 11 weeks left in this amazing place is unreal! I cannot wait.

The Trevi Fountain at night

-Sarah Harding