Whirlwind Weeks


Week two In Italy has just wrapped up and there is no better way to describe the experience so far than a whirlwind. Everything moves so fast and we see and do so much, it’s hard to keep up. However, every single experience thus far has been nothing short of amazing. My favorite little town that we’ve seen was Nemi. I loved the views of the lake from all around the city and the famous strawberries were as good as everyone said they were.

Besides all the travel to and around Rome and the Castelli Romani area, we also just had our first free weekend of travel. I made the trip to Interlaken, Switzerland and I have never been anywhere like it before. One thing about only having three days to travel is you feel the need to pack in as much as you can in order to get everything out of the travel. With that being said, as soon as the plane landed we hit the ground running and really didn’t stop until we sat back down for the flight to go home. It flew by but the memories I will hold forever.

The best part about how fast everything is moving is the incredible people on this trip that we get to share all the fun with. We keep each other going. The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to take every experience as it is and really take the time to appreciate what we are doing whenever I can catch my breath.

-Savannah Snelling

Interlaken, Switzerland