Among the Amalfi

By: Mecca Hodge

The endless cerulean waves. The whizzing of Vespas zooming down the hill. The gentle and welcoming sea breeze. This is the Amalfi Coast. I truly wasn’t prepared for the beauty before my eyes. I had only heard of Positano briefly prior to the planned optional field trip there. My research consisted of Googling a picture of it…and nothing more. Essentially, I “traveled by faith,” and that faith surely paid off.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of the beautiful Tyrrhenian Sea—literally. There isn’t one single location in Positano that doesn’t offer a view of it. The town itself has tons to offer as well, from restaurants on every corner to ample shopping. However, the real fun lies in the deep blue. I had the opportunity to take my very first boat ride on the sea for the day. The thought of being on a rocky boat for 8 hours absolutely terrified me. I begrudgingly agreed to it, hoping to just “get it over with.” To my surprise, it ended up being the best day I’ve had in Italy so far. Seeing the Blue Grotto and the island of Capri was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Looking back at the pictures still has me in awe. Oh, and the boat ride itself? I survived it! By the end of the tour, I was even sitting on the front of the boat.

Some could argue and say that it’s “too tourist-y” or that it’s “too much walking”. While I understand these opinions, I can honestly say that the good outweighed the bad. As an apparel merchandising major, I feel that this experience taught me something valuable as I pursue my seemingly scary career. The highly-competitive fashion industry is infamous for its let-downs and unexpected situations. My time in Positano, though, showed me that embracing the unknown can lead to something great beyond imagination. If I can trust a boat to carry me out to sea in a town I’ve only heard of once, then I can have faith that my education will carry me to the best career. I hope to return to Positano in the future, filled with gratitude and gelato!