Ariccia I See Ya

Where to start? Ariccia, I just adore you. So far, this trip has been one-in-a-million. It is absolutely unbelievable to think that we are only on the second week of our three-month journey abroad. Ariccia has already fit into the category of my home away from home, due to the simple kindness that every local exudes to their new American neighbors. Our random group of 22 strangers has been accepted into this sweet town for the summer to create life long relationships and memories.

I believe that this group (the 50th JBP group EVER!!) is going to be one of the most relational groups to come through the program yet. Everyone is truly fantastic. After our leadership class today and hearing everyone’s five-year plans, I will never forget the amount of encouragement that flowed through each individual after sharing. The support and desire of each person to see their friends succeed is something that I hope we can only continue to pursue these next few months. Everyone is so talented and able to conquer their dreams, today just set the tone for how this program will equip us for more than just a good adventure. We learned how confidence and self-esteem are vital for conquering our future. I believe we can push each other to become the best version of ourselves. From living in such a close vicinity all summer, we get to see each other at our highs and our lows, and because of this, we can create unique and meaningful friendships with our experiences at JSB. Two weeks in and I already see how the Lord brought together each indivdual to Italy for His greater purpose in refining, strenghtening, and growing ourselfves. Looking forweard to all the joyfilled moemnts and travel stories to come!

xx, maggie leigh

survived the rain as we traveled around the local towns of our (mini) grand tour!