Half of My Heart

I have always adored traveling. Ever since my first trip to Europe when I was 14, I knew that traveling was something that I valued highly. When the opportunity arose to be in Italy for three months, I could not imagine anything better. The time here has absolutely flown by and we just reached our halfway point through the semester last week. This means that midterm break was also last week. I was overjoyed about getting to see my family and spend time with them after being away for so long. I had started to feel the effects of homesickness and craved to be with them again. Seeing them was the best feeling in the world. However, as the break continued I actually found myself missing my friends from this program a lot more than I expected.

Midterm break was such a great opportunity to reflect on the time that we have had together so far. Through sharing stories with my family, I was reminded of all the amazing experiences I have shared with the girls on this program. While on the break, I raved about Italy so much that my family joked if I would even want to come back at the end of our three months. I answered with the truth: If I could move all of them and all my friends from the United States to Italy, I would never go back. I love Italy, especially the simplicity that is present in every possible aspect here. I love the appreciation that Italians have for art, time, and food. I love the beauty that is abundant in this area. I love the friendships that Italy has cultivated, in a totally unexpected manner that is entirely unique to an experience like this one. It is definitely safe to say that Italy has half of my heart.

With love,

Lindsey Young

The field next to our cooking class at Cucina Della Terre. Just one example of the simple beauty found all over Italy.