Learning & Loving: My Cultural Journey

This summer, I feel so satisfied because I joined the Joseph S Bruno Abroad in Italy Program. We have had many experiences during our program! We have learned so much about Italian history and art. We have leadership class, which helps me have a better understanding of my identity and the people around me. We visit many places that have a beautiful view and learn many facts from these fantastic experiences. Sorrento was my favorite weekend trip with the group. It was a beautiful town with a beach and a lot of delicious food.

As an international student from China, I also have the opportunity to make American friends and communicate with them. This is very beneficial for my English skills and I am able to learn more about American culture. At the same time, I am learning things about Italy. This is a challenge for me, but I am very appreciative for this program. When I finish this study aboard, I will miss this time in Italy with my friends. This was not only a great opportunity to study, but also a great chance to travel around Europe. JSB has given me many experiences that I will never forget.  I have visited places like Roma, Ariccia, Sorrento, and Germany, and each one has given me a unique cultural experience with all different types of people. I have heard so many different kinds of languages. Personally, I realized that I still need to learn more about this world. I never imagined I could have so many American friends, and we would have such a great time together in Italy!


A beautiful view from a boat in Sorrento.