No Time to Sleep When You’re Living in a Dream

It took until my feet touched Italian soil for returning to Ariccia to not feel like a dream. I couldn’t believe I had been afforded the opportunity to come back to the JSB Auburn Abroad program as the Spring 2019 Administrative Assistant. Sometimes it still feels like a dream, especially on days like last Thursday as we walked through the Ninfa Gardens with all the spring flowers in bloom.

While what I have been seeing isn’t always new to me, I am getting to share these experiences with new people. Each one of them has made my time here even more enjoyable. In these final weeks, I hate to go to sleep at my usual early hour as the time is running out that I will get to spend with them all.

Last night a few hours of sleep were exchanged for one last dinner at Fortini and a communal brainstorming and giving out of superlatives. Hearing everyone’s’ humorous quirks and personality traits reminded me how well this program bonds together those who may not normally have crossed paths or become friends back in Auburn but will now be life-long friends after sharing this experience.

I came here with the intention of serving these 21 ragazze (girls) well so as to make their experience the best it could possibly be, and after last night I think I was successful.  While exhaustion or homesickness make moods take a dip every once in a while, I think everyone is leaving with bittersweet feelings because we’ve come to love our time here so much. I know I will continue to miss my favorite place in the world and some of my new favorite people.

Fino alla prossima volta (until next time),

Morgan Winston

A picture I took on our field trip to the Ninfa Gardens