Some Divine Swine

By: Skye Harrison

Porchetta sandwich galore!

It’s delicious. It’s pork. It’s porchetta. One of the most sought after dishes here in Ariccia is porchetta. It is a rich, crackling-coated pork roast that is stuffed with garlic, rosemary, and multiple other herbs. Although the boneless pork is well-known throughout all of Italy, Ariccia is most closely associated with it. 

Between settling into the Chigi Palace and touring some of the most beautiful places in Italy, I was able to experience Ariccia’s Inaugural Porchetta Festival. This unmissable event in the town square provided live music, entertainment shows, and of course, an endless amount of porchetta. Not only was this celebrated in the heart of Ariccia, but it was also recognized at The Hotel at Auburn University one week later!

During the festival, I decided to eat porchetta in a panino (the singular form of the word “panini” commonly used in America to refer to a flatbread sandwich. This finger-licking sandwich was exceptional and will forever be one of my favorite foods. Another fun aspect of the festival was mingling with people from all over the country. Although quite crowded, everyone was there to have a good time and celebrate all things porchetta. Some of the locals even started line dancing and some of the Chigi Babies and I quickly joined in on the dancing fun. Eating, dancing, and laughing are the three key factors to having a blast during this festival. 

Ariccia has so many opportunities to offer to not only me and my fellow students but also those around the world. I am so fortunate to have experienced this once-in-a-lifetime celebration, and I am blessed to call this little town my home-away-from-home. 

With love,
Skye Harrison