The Final Lap

I found that JSB has a workout planned for students everyday, either it be mental or physical. I’ve been training to walk across the big stage for a while now. Upon returning I’ll walk across the stage at Auburn, looking ahead to many big stages in life after graduation. All of the knowledge gained from school and experience at JSB will never be forgotten.

Over the past few weeks, I have pushed myself to become a better version of me. Being in a new country, all I have is myself to depend on for everyday choices. This has allowed me to stick up for myself more than I have in the past. JSB has contributed to my inner voice just like I knew it would. For example, here in Italy I am I the foreigner. I get the looks, the buzz, and the judgement. I know now that I want to give extra attention in helping foreigners in the US. I appreciate any Italian responding to my Italian question in English because they understand that my Italian is rusty. The phrase, “take a walk in my shoes” is reality. Living, traveling, and studying with all different personalities is a challenge. The challenge was well accepted because it prepared me for the workforce. Communicating in another language and really listening the ones concerns. Being here, I gained a whole new perspective on a way of life, patience, and thought. As a young professional, I grew to trust myself and what I believed even when everyone else thought differently which was very hard to do in the mix of learning and traveling. After finishing my required major curricula, JSB allowed me to put all of my Auburn experience to work.

Not only did I learn a new culture, but I also learned about my peers more than I did when present on campus at Auburn. Being in the company of other students allowed me to see a different side of my peers, outside of a learning environment. These ladies will always hold a special place in my heart.

The final lap is always the hardest, but packs the best impact. For that, I am ever empowered! JSB, I’m out!

Sincerely, Mariah Gullatte | Apparel Design | AU Fall ’19

My favorite class ~ Cappuccino Class showing some gul-LATTE LOVE