Focusing on the GOOD

Traveling abroad is filled with a LOT of unknowns. 

Where will I live? Where will I travel? What will I do? Who will I meet? How much money will I spend? How will get from point A to B?

While figuring out the answer to most of these questions and unknowns are all a part of the fun, it can also be scary and frustrating. During my time abroad I was faced with quite a few scary and frustrating moments. I was stuck in London for a night due to stormy weather. I missed out on a weekend getaway I had been planning for months due to the catastrophe in London. My phone stopped working during a weekend away with friends from my hometown. 

I could go on, but these bumps in the road are not the point. 

The point is: I had a lot of time to focus on myself and how I would react to these miniature “international incidents.” Part of the reason I was looking forward to this experience was so I would have 12 weeks to do some major self-reflection, and try to come back with a more positive and grateful outlook on life. So every time I was thrown into a stressful moment I tried to do my best to stay positive and focus on the GOOD. At times, I failed to do so in the moment, but that gave me the opportunity to reflect and try to do things differently the next time. 

Essentially, what I am trying to say is a basic goal in life, but it seems it is important now more than ever. We live in a world that likes to focus on the negative. Every day we turn on the news we are seeing people all over the world getting sick, dying, and suffering from Covid-19. People are out of work, graduations are being canceled, weddings are postponed, and basic human interaction is frowned upon. During a time that seems so bleak it is important to remain positive. I encourage you to think of this every time you get annoyed that you are on the couch watching re-runs during quarantine. Focus on spending time with your family, establishing a healthier routine, or having the luxury of a roof over your head and food to eat. Focus on the GOOD.

An example of me focusing on the GOOD. After my London fiasco, I was unable to travel on Valentine’s weekend. Instead of being sad, I was able to spend some time exploring Ariccia and experiencing a lovely Valentine’s sunset with friends!

-Ally Douglas