My Advice to You

Writing is something that I have always struggled with, especially if it is something that I know many other people are going to read. It makes my hands shake to think about having to open up and share a piece of myself with strangers, not knowing how they will respond. Even writing this post is a giant leap outside of my comfort zone.

What I realized when I got to Italy for the JSB program is that this entire semester abroad is designed to push me out of my comfort zone. I am in a new place, with new people, and we are all having experiences that are new to us. This is what makes this program so beautiful!

The JSB program is so special because it gives people like me the opportunity to open up to the world in ways that I never would have otherwise. In just one week, I have become close with 22 girls that I did not know beforehand. I have learned about leadership, tasted many different Italian wines, traveled around Italy, and made plans to visit the rest of Europe. I am freshening up on my writing skills and my communication skills while having the most unforgettable time of my life in a new country.

To anyone who may be apprehensive of a new experience, my advice to you is to push yourself and to take the leap into the unknown. I can guarantee that you will surprise yourself with everything that you are capable of and by how resilient you are. I know that I have!


Rebecca Norwood

Me loving the JSB experience!