Lessons from Ariccia

It’s been a little over a week since I arrived at the Chigi Palace in Ariccia, Italy. Upon arrival, I was excited and expectant of what the semester would bring, but I can’t pretend that I wasn’t nervous. Moving to a new city across the world for the summer with people I don’t know is something I never thought I would do, but here I am. 

What I’ve come to realize during my short time here so far is that the town of Ariccia is incredibly welcoming. When five of us go into the small shop next door to stumble our way through ordering sandwiches, the employees are patient and kind. When we trip over our words ordering cappuccinos at the café down the street, the shop owner teaches and explains words and phrases to us. The people here are friendly, the pace of the lifestyle is slower, and it has already been a breath of fresh air to me. I am a very schedule-oriented person. I always have to know what is coming up next, what I will be doing for the next meal, what I’m wearing the next day, etc. The first time I sat at lunch for over two hours, I found myself antsy and thinking about what I could be doing and what I should be filling my time with. I am beginning to realize that slowing down and simply existing is what Ariccia is all about, and that is a lesson that I can learn this summer. I am expectant of what the rest of this summer will bring and am so thankful for this opportunity.


Wynne Watts

Me at the Trevi Fountain in Rome! So beautiful!