More Than a Sunset

I left the United States thinking Auburn had the best sunsets in the world. The kind of sunset that makes you stop and admire nature’s beauty. From the first night of seeing the sunset over the bridge through the Chigi palace window, I knew this place was special. I would come to see that the sunset brings so much more than just its pure beauty to my life.  

As I look out the window every Sunday evening on the way back from our weekend adventures, this sunset brings me reflection, and not just because my journal reflection is due at midnight, but for the first time that week, I am completely still. I watch the sunset with my favorite song playing, and I think about my week, the many ups, downs, laughs, cries, gelato, every moment. After the sun has completely set I leave feeling more grateful and blessed for the memories and growth of the week. 

Our new weekly ritual is to go down to the Belvidere and watch the sunset all together while having a little picnic. This has quickly become one of my favorite parts of each week. We take time out of our busy week to all come together and share stories, dreams, and many, many laughs. As the sun goes down, “Ribs” by Lorde is playing, and we all dance and feel life’s purest form of happiness. As Lorde sings, “you’re the only friends I need” I know this sunset brings me lifetime friendships. 

I will forever be grateful for the sunsets in Italy for they bring me so much more than I will ever be able to describe and fully understand. I know now when I stop and admire the sunsets at home I will not only think about nature’s beauty but the beauty of life and every small and big moment leading up to that sunset. Of course, though, every sunset from here on out will also remind me of my experiences in Italy and the amazing friendships I have made.


Meghan Schmitt

Our first sunset picnic at the Belvedere!