My Exceptional Experience in Europe

My First Tour of Rome

My name is Jaclyn Wiggins and I am here to talk about my experience in the beautiful city of Ariccia, Italy. My favorite thing about Italy is that everything I look at takes my breath away and I can’t stop being outside looking at everything that is in front of me. Every opportunity I get, I like to walk around outside, to look at the architecture, to eat amazing food, or to walk outside the palace to watch the sunset. A lot of the days after class, I like to walk outside and just watch the sun go down because the view is something I can’t get over. Twice a week I get to go on a tour and learn something that I did not know before and see things that I have never seen before. During the first tour of Rome, I ate in the Jewish Ghetto and I have never been happier. I am content if I have good food and a view, and that is exactly what Italy is with a lot of history behind it. The language barrier of the country is something I struggled with, but I have tried my absolute best to adjust and learn words that I can use everyday. Learning how to order a cappuccino has definitely been the most useful to me because I have ordered at least one a day! The most amazing part of this journey is being able to live in the town of Ariccia and live in the Chigi Palace. It is a small town with lots of things to learn and history that shows me how important this town is to the locals. The first thing I did when I arrived here was go on a run through Ariccia and the surrounding cities and it was so beautiful! I am lucky to call this place my home for a little while.