Pain Gives Birth to the Promise Ahead

As I arrived at the Joseph S Bruno program that I read about for two years, it was a dream come true. Before even coming to Auburn, I admired this program and saw my future here and wanted to participate in it. I knew being exposed to nine random girls would be hard, but I wanted to adventure the discomfort to help me grow.

I always try to push myself to do the scary things in life to experience the unknown. Being comfortable is not good enough to accomplish growth. I have created so many friendships and memories here that I never even imagined, and I will never forget. From the highs and lows, my life here has been unforgettable.

Some highlighting moments I experienced was almost missing my train to the point I had to run down the platform. I also accomplished having blisters, getting rained on, and speaking to a foreigner without knowing what they are saying and more. I have had more fun here than I have since the beginning of college. I know for one thing is that the girls and I here are strong.

I have never felt so uplifted by others and it makes me glad to be around them even though we get on each other’s nerves some of the time. We support each other either way because we know we are family, just as in Auburn. Being in a different environment is hard when I am not around the familiar, but it has helped me grow.

Me enjoying a view of the Royal palace of Caserta while sitting on the fountain.
Me enjoying a view of the Royal palace of Caserta while sitting on the fountain.

It has blossomed me into someone I never even knew I was and to me that is courage. As I soak up every second here, I have seen pain, strength, and love through all of us. These three things bring joy to my heart. I have persevered in order to see the promise ahead and go through the hard times to get to the good things in the life I want.

So sometimes the hardest moments in life teach you lessons that you could never take for granted.

With love,

Katie Gaston