Positive Thinking

When was the last time you were so excited about something, yet so completely terrified of it at the same time? Mine had to be the night before I was supposed to leave for the Joseph S. Bruno Program. While I was on the phone with my mom freaking out about whether I should check two bags or one, I had second thoughts about coming at all. From the first time I had heard about Auburn and the Joseph S. Bruno Program, I knew that studying apparel merchandising in Italy had to be done, but the time snuck up on me before I was truly ready to depart. This had been something I waited for my entire Auburn career, but I wanted nothing more than to stay at my home in Auburn and be with the friends I already knew. Well, I guess my wish came true because just hours before I was supposed to board my plane to Rome, I found out I tested positive for Covid-19!

I am the type of person who has a plan and always sticks to it so having this block put in front of me was catastrophic. I was so lost and frightened. I kept thinking to myself that this was a joke, and I would still get to get on my flight at 7:00 PM that night. As time ticked away, the realization that I would not be joining the other Chigi Babies on the flight out of Atlanta began to set in. 

The days passed as I sat in my quarantine and settled into a new idea about this experience I was about to have. I came to terms that I would be the one late arrival and the “new girl” on the trip. While this concerned me, it also comforted me because I knew I had 15 other girls to show me the ropes once I finally arrived. I have grown to become thankful for my extended stay at home because it has set me up to be thankful for every day that I did get to spend here. 

On the day I tested positive, I decided to read my horoscope from Cosmopolitan to see if it could boost my mood and tell me what to do. It read, “You typically prefer a more controlled approach to your schedule, but that isn’t the way this week will unfold. Be ready for anything.” The idea of “be ready for anything” has stuck with me through all eight weeks we have been here so far. No matter what has happened, I have adapted and overcome every stage so far, and I cannot wait to keep pushing myself alongside all my new friends!


Sarah Siddons

This photo was taken by my sorority little and her friends when they dropped me off at the Atlanta Airport after I tested negative!