The Times We Take for Granted

As I get older, I find myself reminiscing on the past. I often think to myself “what I would give to go back and relive those moments.” From exciting experiences to simple times with loved ones, I wish I would appreciate those times more when I was living them.

When I was preparing to leave for Italy, I set a reminder on my phone to remind me every morning not to take today for granted. I have tried to appreciate every special moment and opportunity that I’ve had here. I’ve made so many great new friends and have seen so many beautiful things. The irreplaceable memories that I have made will forever be on repeat in my brain. I know I will miss this exciting time in my life but it is hard not to get caught up in a routine or bogged down by the weight of the season of life that I’m in. I am going to be a senior at Auburn and can’t help but feel overwhelmingly sad and scared. This rollercoaster of emotions is sometimes exhausting but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I am now about two months into my Italian journey. Some days I miss home and some days I never want to leave. I miss my bed, ice, air conditioning, my people, my dog, and so much more. However, I know in a few months, I’ll look back and wish I was here. In those moments, I’ll miss the palace, aperitivos, train rides, living with twenty two of the best girls I’ve ever met. So, for now I’m trying to take everything in and not take a moment for granted.


Abbie Davis

This is Cat, Molly, Letta and I in Sorrento! This trip was so much fun spending time with the best girls in one of the prettiest places I’ve ever seen!