An outfit a day… 

When I decided to study abroad, I knew some significant changes would occur. Changes are inevitable when it comes to living in a new country; not only are we trying to adapt to a new schedule we are also learning a new culture and language. However, the clothing style is the most significant change from Auburn, Alabama, to Ariccia, Italy. When completing the prep course, one of the first “do not” mentioned is to wear leggings in public. To put it in comparison, when I was living in Auburn, every day, my outfits were the same, leggings and a t-shirt. Now that I live in Ariccia, I have been mixing and matching jeans and sweaters daily.

With going through this change with everyone else, I have decided to make my outfits a fun conversation starter between my mom and me. In talking with fellow students studying abroad, most of us agree that we all have difficulty finding time to call back home. My solution to this problem and to help deal with some of the early mornings is to text my mom a picture of my outfit, including the hairstyle, and then write a blurb about my day. My blurb can consist of the weather, an activity I am excited to attend, or where we travel on the weekends. Sending my outfit also helps me keep track of my days. I now look forward to sending my mom these photos, knowing she gets excited. This is because even at three in the morning in Orlando, Flordia, she is still up to text me back. 

Day 13 with my friends and me!

Kisses from Italy,

Sophie Adams