Arrivederci Roma!!! 

As of yesterday, I have officially spent a week in Italy on the JSB study abroad program through Auburn University. What a time it has been so far! Even though it has only been a week here we have crammed so many activities into the last couple days, and yet there is still so much more to see. The town we are staying in, Ariccia, is a small town 20 miles south of Rome. Ariccia is filled with colorful buildings that house local residents and it is known for its delicious food. In particular, Ariccia is famous for a savory pork roast called Porchetta. In fact, people all over Italy will travel to Ariccia on the weekends just to get a taste of the mouth watering Porchetta. I can now confidently attest that it lives up to the praise that it receives. As much as I have enjoyed staying in this scenic town surrounded by rolling hills and fertile farms, my favorite experience so far has been visiting Rome. 

To me, Rome has the same lively energy as New York, but instead of being full of skyscrapers, it is decorated with vibrant, glamorous buildings and has a culture rich with art, passion, and love. The moment I stepped onto the cobblestone streets, I stepped into another lifetime. It is almost as if I could see history happening right in front of me and I had to look at everything all at once to keep up with it. Each alleyway has history. Each restaurant has a story. Each monument praises the past. Each person symbolizes where the future is headed. I hope that everyone is able to experience this city at one point in their life because it is a memory that I know will last a lifetime.

My favorite spot in Rome so far has been the Trevi Fountain. The Trevi Fountain is one of the architectural masterpieces of Rome, and was built in 1730 under the reign of Pope Clemens the XII. The fountain is 85 feet tall and 65 feet wide. It pours 2,824,800 cubic feet of clear, blue water a day. The fountain is decorated by a statue of the god Oceanus and he is riding a chariot being pulled by two seahorses. It is a magnificent site to visit and I am so excited to see more of what the city has to offer. 

Here is a photo of me sitting at the Trevi Fountain!!

Arrivederci (goodbye until we meet again) Rome, I don’t think even a thousand tours will uncover the depth of you, but still I will try to peel back the layers one day at a time. 


Emma Rose


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