Does Doordash Deliver to Ariccia?

After signing up for this program a few weeks into Fall of my freshman year, I considered myself ambitious and one that likes to take advantage of every opportunity presented. I am also big into planning and knowing exactly what to expect. After two and a half years of researching Europe and more specifically Italy, I felt like I had a pretty good idea of what was to come for the 12 weeks I would be living there. I can honestly say the research did not match what I have experienced.

The first thing I’m pretty sure everyone thinks of when they think of Italy is the food. I couldn’t wait to try the amazing food that would put Olive Garden and Domino’s to shame. Unfortunately, I have yet to have that perfect bite. I’m not saying the food has been bad by any means, but it has overall been middle tier, and given me a newfound appreciation for America taking a cuisine and making it objectively better (I’m looking at you Auntie Anne’s and the cinnamon sugar pretzel). Also, the melting pot of food variety in America has far surpassed the pizza and pasta options that can very quickly get old…and don’t get me started on the lack of iced coffee!

As a Fashion Merchandising major, I feel obligated to mention the difference in fashion trends. Prior to coming here, I was informed to bring neutral clothing and athletic/grunge was not worn. This was stressful for me because I love both color and leggings. While athleisure has slowly worked its way into younger fashion and is more common, 95% of people wear black on black. I have accepted that I may stand out and choose to wear color on the daily, but the lack of self-expression in terms of color was shocking.

While there have certainly been some culture shocks, there have been so many amazing moments that I wouldn’t trade for anything since arriving in Ariccia. This opportunity has given me the confidence in knowing I could live abroad permanently and would be more than happy and thriving. It has also taught me to continue to value and rely on the friendships and family bonds that I have already created because they are vital to my success. So even though I don’t have a cheeseburger on demand and can’t wear a bright red coat without a few stares, I’m happy to be here and am embracing more of the unexpected, because it has led me to greater experiences from lower expectations and better than anything I could’ve planned.

My short lived Fendi coat I thrifted and had to leave in London.

Ciao and War Eagle!

Elizabeth Eberwine